About Us

CESMEE serves as a research and development center focusing on conducting innovative research to create change in STEM education in K12, community colleges, and universities. The research and development work encompasses content in the STEM disciplines, instructional techniques, assessment practices, and educational or professional development experiences. Associated with the research is the development of multi-media educational materials that are disseminated through CESMEE.

Housed in the School of Education within the College of Human Sciences, the work of CESMEE permeates all university departments with foci and interests in STEM education

Currently, CESMEE coordinates two campus-wide Iowa Mathematics and Science Education Partnership (IMSEP) projects. These projects align with the IMSEP goals to:

1) improve the performance of Iowa youth in the disciplines of math and science;
2) improve the quality and production of Iowa science and math teachers; and
3) coordinate collaboration across the stakeholder spectrum in the STEM realm.

Read about CESMEE's significant milestones Spring 2009 - Fall 2011 here.